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Six Phases of Bear Market

According to the traditional theory, a bear market is divided into three phases. On the other hand, Chris Ciovacco, Chief Investment Officer for Ciovacco Capital Management, suggested to classify a bear market into six phases, i.e.

1. Stock Tread Water
2. Stock, Oil, Oil Stock and Gold Decline
3. A Sharp & Short-Lived Rally
4. Another Sharp Decline
5. Another Sharp Rally
6. Stock Fall Hard Again

Where are we? Anyone can easily earn in a bull market but only smart people can understand the bear market well.

Ten Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in China

Here are some tips from OUHK about Ten Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in China:

#1: take your global CEO to dinner at M on the Bund
#2: get your Chinese name wrong
#3: ignore mass market
#4: support too many brands
#5: start at the bottom
#6: go National on day 1
#7: give control on your JV
#8: impose western value
#9: become too Chinese
#10: ignore local insights

Remember! Remember! Remember! Don't! Don't! Don't!