Lesson Learnt in 2017

2017 was a crazy year. The HSI was climbing the historical height. Who were the winners? Who were the losers? Let's review and pick your favorites for 2018 portfolio.

Top 10 Winners

排名編號名稱前收市價收市價 升跌  升跌% 
1581CHINA ORIENTAL 中國東方集團  1.0105.830+4.820+477.228
23333EVERGRANDE 中國恒大    4.83026.950+22.120+457.971
31548GENSCRIPT BIO 金斯瑞生物科技 3.70019.980+16.280+440.000
41918SUNAC 融創中國    6.45032.350+25.900+401.550
53326PERFECT GROUP 保發集團    0.6833.360+2.677+391.947
659SKYFAME REALTY 天譽置業    0.8804.090+3.210+364.773
7189DONGYUE GROUP 東岳集團    1.3705.460+4.090+298.540
81609CHONG KIN GP 創建集團控股  0.4801.910+1.430+297.917
92303HENGXING GOLD 恒興黃金    2.2508.330+6.080+270.222
101617NANFANG COMM 南方通信    1.5005.530+4.030+268.667

Top 10 Losers

排名編號名稱前收市價收市價 升跌  升跌% 
1145HK BLDG & LOAN 香港建屋貸款  0.3750.139-0.236-62.933
2622ENERCHINA HOLD 威華達控股   1.5500.570-0.980-63.226
36183CH GREENFRESH 中國綠寶    3.7601.370-2.390-63.564
4547DIGITAL DOMAIN 數字王國    0.4850.174-0.311-64.124
5400COGOBUY 科通芯城    11.7004.150-7.550-64.530
62326BEP INT'L HOLD 百靈達國際控股 0.4450.156-0.289-64.944
71678CREATIVE GLOBAL中創環球    0.5700.196-0.374-65.614
81327TIME2U 時間由你    0.1340.046-0.088-65.672
9348HAIERHEALTHWISE海爾智能健康  0.2130.072-0.141-66.197
101341CLEAR LIFT 焯陞企業    0.8600.290-0.570-66.279




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